China Lecture Tour 2005

CHINA LECTURES: September 2005

In September, on invitation, I lectured at two veterinary Colleges in The Peoples Republic of China. I spent one week in Guangzhou at the South China Agricultural University and another week at the College of Animal Science and Technology, Hunan Agricultural University in Changsha. The trip was very rewarding professionally and personally.

The students and facility were very open to my lectures on orthopedic procedures, hospital construction, basic principles of asepsis, sterilization, and lectures on the history of veterinary practice in the United States. I demonstrated orthopedic examinations of the dog and cat and radiographic positioning.

Small animal medicine in China is just emerging as the population becomes more and more enamored with owning pets. I was privileged to visit a government run veterinary hospital and saw several privately owned clinics in Changsha. In one hospital, the veterinarian proudly showed me a bag of Science Diet and told me how much he liked using a/d diet.

The Chinese people were extremely gracious and so very proud of their beautiful country as they took me on whirlwind tours of scenic areas: Buddhist Shrines, geological parks, ancient Asian villages, museums, and birthplaces of famous leaders. They even sent me to Beijing to see the Forbidden City and to walk the Great Wall of China. The food was wonderful! I am looking forward to returning again next year.

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