Stretch and Fetch!

Ligament, muscle, and tendon injuries are common in dogs. More severe injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament rupture and digital fractures are seen more frequently. Many of these injuries are preventable with simple warming exercises.

1 Start with passive range of motion exercises for all limbs prior to any workout. Then flex and hold, extend and hold.

2 Start your dog's walk slowly. Give muscles time to warm up.

3 If available, walking in shallow water such as a lake's edge increases range of motion and therefore warm-up of the joints.

4 Allow your dog to stand on his rear legs. Hold your pet's forelegs in passive restraint for a good body stretch.

5 After vigorous exercise, be sure and cool your pet down by reversing the warm-up exercises suggested.

6 And by all means, keep your pet slim. Obese dogs have 50% more arthritis, more injuries, and have a shorter life span.

VSRS 2003
David R Luck, DVM
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